Fingernails are indicative of a person’s nutritional health. Not only can your nails show possible nutrient deficiencies, but also digestive problems.

Check out the list of nail and nail bed symptoms to see if they apply to your nails:

Deficiency: Symptom:
Protein Nails that are soft, tear or peel easily, or have opaque white lines show a deficiency in protein or the inability to digest and absorb protein well
Calcium Nails that are dry, brittle, break easily, or have ridges show a calcium deficiency
Iron Nails that are thin, flat, spoon-shaped, or have white or yellow nail beds suggest iron deficiency or poor absorption of iron 
Zinc White spots or bands on the nails or nail beds point to a zinc deficiency
Vitamin E Nails that have a yellow nail bed, and poor or no growth may be showing Vitamin E deficiency
Vitamin B12 Darkened nail beds suggest Vitamin B12 deficiency


If you have any of these nail symptoms, it is important to rule out digestive insufficiency first. Nail symptoms are often a sign of a larger problem with digestion and absorption. You may upgrade your food plan by increasing foods high in the vitamin or mineral coordinating with your nail symptom. However, further evaluation may be necessary. Ask me at your next appointment, or call to make an appointment today.